Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all our Veterans and current soldiers!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! Let me just tell you a little something that happened to me this weekend…

My girls had a sleepover and the hubs and I went to the Little 500 and had a good time without the kids! It was a pretty nice weekend until last night. We were getting ready for bed and I thought the girls were asleep, but they were still on their IPad/IPod. My eldest child decided that she was going to try and delete things she was looking at before I took hers away. That was my first clue.

I sat down in bed and started going through her IPod and I am literally shocked and do not know what to do. She was looking at PORN! She’s only 7! Why in the world is she looking at that stuff already? As I think back to my childhood, I asked my mom about sex at 8 years old. So I guess it is a normal age, but I am terrified to confront MY baby about it. I’m not ready!