Update on kid

Well I did it. I talked to my child about what was on her phone. I asked her if she understood what “it” meant and she said, “no.” I asked,
“if it was a grown up or kid that introduced it to her?” She told me, “Kid.” Her dad stepped in and advised her she wouldn’t be in trouble but we needed to know. She blamed her friend from her old school!

This “friend” was over about a month and I am wondering if that is when she told my kid about sex. She seems like a nice kid, but I noticed her bullying my kid. She also pushed my daughter into the pond in our backyard. Luckily, it was only up to her ankles when she fell in! My husband and I both feel like our daughter does not need to be around this girl and after finding what we did on her iPod (last post explains), it seems like the right thing.

This little girl is not a bad person, but I know she has an older sister that is 17 years old and that is going to influence a 8 year-old sibling. I understand and know that this girl has had it rough, but my kid is no where near that level and she does not need to know about that stuff right now.

I did explain to my kid that sex is ONLY for grownups and you should LOVE the person very much. I asked, “Do you have any questions?” She said, “No.” I do not want to force this topic on her but I also want to make sure I explain it right for her age. She’s a baby still! She’ll be 8 years old in a couple months. Pool Party!

Anyway, I think I handled it ok. I am contemplating on whether or not I need to let the “friend’s” guardian know? What would you do? Any advise on the matter?

About Amandahttp://justmommyorg.wordpress.comHello All, I look forward to start this new journey! I am a mom/housewife and have two children. I have been married for 7 years and enjoy the little things in life. I started this blog not to only help others, but to help myself with the struggles I go through with depression/anxiety. I know it’s scary to say aloud, but sometimes I need help or at least one person who can understand what I’m going through. Maybe I can help just one person and I am here to listen, talk, and give advice for anyone that needs it.

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