Is this real life?

Today was a beautiful day! Sun was out, warm wind, and I got the sprinklers out for the kids. I cleaned house and got some sun, it was a really relaxing day. My husband came home, we got pizza for dinner, and as I sit down to read some facebook statuses I see a local news headline, “Baby dies after being in a hot car…”

Are you serious right now? How can you forget about your baby? I have never understood how parents can have zero regard for their own child’s safety. I worry about everything when it comes to my child’s well-being and safety. I can not imagine how that baby suffered.

So I just read the rest of the article. It’s not very detailed but says, “the mother was in the car at the time.” Are you fucking kidding me? I seriously hate people. How does this happen? It’s the only warm day of the season so far.. I just could not believe it. Investigation is ongoing so might learn more later.

I know that baby is God’s arms now. It hurts my heart that she lost her life too soon, but how does one not notice their baby isn’t breathing? Baby may not have been in a good home. But I don’t know, I just know that it’s sad and after the lovely day my girls and I had outside, it just does not seem like it could be real life.

About Amandahttp://justmommyorg.wordpress.comHello All, I look forward to start this new journey! I am a mom/housewife and have two children. I have been married for 7 years and enjoy the little things in life. I started this blog not to only help others, but to help myself with the struggles I go through with depression/anxiety. I know it’s scary to say aloud, but sometimes I need help or at least one person who can understand what I’m going through. Maybe I can help just one person and I am here to listen, talk, and give advice for anyone that needs it.

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