Parenting choices

I know that people grow up differently from each other. Everyone has different styles on raising their young. My parents, for example, are divorced. I grew up going every other weekend to my dad’s house and spent half my summers with him and his wife and my little sister. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses and very strict on what they expose their children to. For example, my sister and I could not watch any cartoon that had a holiday/birthday/magic theme. I was not allowed to wear a cross necklace from my home to their home. My sister tattled on me once when I wore it and I remember being so pissed that she ratted me out, she was only about 5.

My parents, Mom and Step-dad, raised me to be who I am now. Step-dad (aka Dad) taught me responsibility, hard work, and a father’s love. My mother has supported me in all things, even when I was a rotten teenager and didn’t deserve it. She has my back and is an amazing Maw-maw. I give them full credit for how awesome I am now. But this is just my family, in one town, in one State, in one country.

The world doesn’t seem so big when you’re young and small. Everyday there are children living life without love or security of a parent. Hungry, homeless, orphan, sick, unwanted, and scared kids. Some children are forced to grow up way too soon and be responsible for themselves at an early age. Unfortunately, my husband was one of these kids. An alcoholic teen mom and drug- addict teen dad don’t mix well when fights break out, cops are called regularly, and addiction needs exceed anyone else‘ needs. My husband has been through hell and back and his accomplishments far exceed anything they have done their entire lives combined.

My children are still learning, but I try everyday to tell them that being nice and polite to everyone we meet is important. I also talk to them about being homeless, broke, bullying, etc.,and what it means. I advise them that not all kids have their own rooms. Some mommies and daddies can’t afford to buy a candy bar/ toy every time they go to the store. Little ideas to help them realize that there are some kids that go without and they are lucky to have toys, food, shelter, and clothes.

Thanks for reading and if you want, send me some of the craziest things you’ve had to live through as a kid. I don’t judge and I like hearing other stories as well.

About Amandahttp://justmommyorg.wordpress.comHello All, I look forward to start this new journey! I am a mom/housewife and have two children. I have been married for 7 years and enjoy the little things in life. I started this blog not to only help others, but to help myself with the struggles I go through with depression/anxiety. I know it’s scary to say aloud, but sometimes I need help or at least one person who can understand what I’m going through. Maybe I can help just one person and I am here to listen, talk, and give advice for anyone that needs it.

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